Andrew Leung is a licensed mortgage broker serving the Greater Vancouver area since 2007. Andrew offers options and solutions for your current and future mortgage needs and goals.

As a licensed mortgage broker, Andrew leverages broker access to a variety of traditional banks and mortgage lenders through Canada’s largest mortgage broker network, Dominion Lending Centres.

There are 3 clear and distinct stages of the mortgage process: Pre-Approval, Accepted Offer, and Nearing Completion.  Andrew walks you through each of those stages so that you know what to expect, and to keep you in the best position possible.  Understanding your needs and future plans allows him to provide guidance through the process of buying a home.

In order to simplify the mortgage process, clear and concise checklists are provided to keep everybody on track.

More than 12 years in the mortgage broker field has allowed Andrew to help a variety of clients with their mortgage needs. Some situations are more demanding than others, but each one with it’s own peculiarities.

Andrew is an active part of the DLC Clear Trust Mortgages team, which consistently ranks amongst the top offices within Canada’s largest mortgage broker network, Dominion Lending Centres.

If you are looking for help with your mortgage options, Andrew Leung is looking forward to hearing from you.



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